Professional deep office cleaning

The main aspects of general cleaning of the office

Cleaning the office every 4 or 6 months can keep the workplace clean, although the exact frequency depends on the nature of the business and work environment. Working conditions directly affect labor productivity. You will see that they work efficiently and become more productive when there is a clean and safe working environment.

Here are the main elements you should consider when it comes to general office cleaning. If you hire a good professional service provider, they will get the job done with the following key aspects of office general cleaning in mind:

Nooks and corners

‍Deep cleaning experts identify and treat hard-to-reach areas. These include spaces hidden by cabinets, drawers, vents, and even ceiling edging. Incredibly, insects and reptiles often lay their eggs in these places.

To clean every minute in the office, the cleaning team must have tools such as microfiber cloths, rags, disinfectant sprays, all-purpose cleaners, furniture polish, vacuum cleaners, etc.

Dusty places

‍There are places in the office where dust can easily accumulate. This includes vents, cabinets, edges and drawers. These are favorite breeding grounds for ticks, allergens and insects that negatively affect the health of employees. Use vacuum cleaners, wipes, and rags to thoroughly clean these areas.


Use a damp cloth along with an all-purpose cleaner to wipe the walls to remove any accumulated insect eggs or dust. Wall cleaning is an important part of general office cleaning that changes the overall look of the office.

Office decor

Gently wipe or wipe the crevices and nooks and crannies with a rag and an all-purpose cleaner to remove any accumulated dust particles.


Skirting boards are vacuumed if there are stinky or stubborn stains that do not make a good impression on client or investor visits. Use a cloth dampened with an all-purpose cleaner to clean the skirting boards.


Cleaning chairs, tables, sofas and parts of a bathrobe is necessary for the general cleaning of the office. Cleaning up spilled drinks, food crumbs, mold or dirt is an important step. Dusting and cleaning the top surface of tall furniture is also important to remove unwanted microbial deposits.


You won't get the job done just by sweeping and cleaning regularly. In addition, you must move to perform a deep cleaning. To reach and clean the entire floor, you may need to move furniture. Then it must be vacuumed and moped to complete the deep cleaning of the floor.


It is important to clean electronics to prevent the outbreak of allergens and airborne diseases. Dusting with a microfiber cloth, an ammonia-free cleaner, and a damp cloth is most commonly used when cleaning electronics such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.

Window sills

Window sills are hard to reach places that are often overlooked during regular cleaning. But during the general cleaning of the office, these zones are taken into account. Use the crevice tool to clean loose earth, dead insects and dust clods. Thus, the area will be prepared for cleaning before the main stage.
With a disposable cloth, you can remove accumulated dirt in the center of the window rail. Then wrap the plastic spatula again with a disposable cloth, sanding the crevices and corners too deeply.