It’s true! We didn’t just make it up: Commercial Deep Cleaning Service makes you smarter.

And we can prove it! For instance, researchers from the Institute of Neurology at Princeton University conducted a study that showed how clutter limits your ability to focus. Moreover, how it limits your brain's ability to process information. And, of course, they emphasize the necessity of professional commercial deep cleaning service. Here's what they found:

“Multiple stimuli present in the visual field simultaneously compete for neural representation. Therefore, they mutually suppress the activity they cause throughout the visual cortex. And this provides a neural correlate of the visual system's limited processing power.”

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In other words: when your surroundings are cluttered, you become distracted and unable to focus. As well as you would in a serene, organized space. Therefore, Commercial Deep Cleaning Services makes you smarter!

To help you put this into practice, we asked some of our top experts at Crystal Purity to give some killer Deep cleaning tips.

Don't forget behind the doors when you order commercial deep cleaning

It's time to get smart, friends! Get ready for Deep cleaning (and of course, if you want to do Deep cleaning smart, Crystal Purity will take care of it for you!) Moreover, you have to do this regularly. And again, it is very important to use the right professionals who know how to perform commercial deep cleaning.

To find the RIGHT professional commercial Deep cleaning service, visit Crystal Purity!

Jennifer L.

"First, grab your office staff. Then listen to your favorite tunes. And get down and dirty!"

Kerri R.

"Don't forget under the counter. That's where the dust hides."

Matt S.

"Don't forget to move all your office furniture and clean underneath. Also, wash your curtains and blinds, clean out your trash bins and drawers, and check all corners. Especially behind doors."

Mandy T.

"Remove unnecessary clutter from your workspace. Only keep work-related items, a few office plants, and some family photos."

Ronal M.

"Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down all work surfaces. In this case, start with your desk and make sure you remove all items so you don’t miss any areas. For extra credit, clean power strips behind your desk, fan blades, window sills, the top of your monitor, and picture frames."

Richard W.

"Cleaning an office is a three-attachment job. First, use a vacuum with an upholstery brush (for curtains, drapes, and any fabric). Next step - use a narrow attachment for small places. And finally, use an attachment to thoroughly vacuum floors."

Vannessa K.

"Germs and bacteria are often transferred from one surface to the next (keyboard, desk, mouse, and phone). Therefore, it’s important to regularly disinfect everything you touch in your office."