A Deep Cleaning Plan For Office

A Deep Cleaning Plan For Office

Whether you have in-house cleaners in your office or want to hire a cleaning agency, having a detailed step-by-step plan can cut your workload in half. While on the one hand, daily cleaning ensures that your office stays neat, tidy, and functional, monthly or biennial cleaning focuses on more detailed requirements and larger jobs that will keep your office space healthy and comfortable.

When hiring cleaning agencies, it is a good idea to know and understand the cleaning plan while communicating your requirements. To do this, you can schedule a round, create a final schedule, decide on a to-do list, or discuss any specific area in your office that needs special attention. Below are some daily, weekly and monthly general cleaning plans to help you keep your workplace clean and tidy.

Daily cleaning plan

Daily cleaning plans include the most rigorous and basic forms of cleaning. The daily cleaning plan includes the following duties: washing sinks, wiping kitchen surfaces, washing dishes, washing dishes, mopping common floors, dusting tables, monitors and chairs, cleaning conference rooms, mopping urinals, toilets, toilet floors and shells.

In addition, this includes collecting trash from common areas, restrooms, and kitchens, drying erase boards, wiping and cleaning fans, vents, and tops of furniture, and restocking tissue paper, paper towels, soap, and other essentials.

Weekly cleaning plan

The weekly shift plan includes cleaning the kitchen, emptying the refrigerator, cleaning baseboards, trash cans, vents, windows, window sills, shelves, blinds, picture frames, glass walls, decorations, metal fittings, metal counters, emptying the refrigerator, and cleaning. internal shelves.

Monthly plan

Breaking down cleaning tasks into monthly plans makes them more manageable and specific to cleaning requirements. The monthly cleaning plan includes deep cleaning grout and tiles, kitchens, upholstery, high surfaces, wood floors, conference rooms, toilets, windows, doors and glass walls, wiping ceilings, cleaning vents and circular fans.

You can hire an agency that will agree to clean your office once a month. It is also recommended that you discuss with them in advance what cleaning protocols they will follow, what steps they will take, and what equipment they are going to bring with them.

Cleaning every two years

The biennial harvesting procedure should be more site specific. It should include: deep cleaning of the kitchen and toilet, grinding and polishing floors, common areas, desks, private offices and carpets, thorough cleaning of curtains, blinds and upholstery, as well as getting rid of unnecessary documents, furniture and other items.

Since this type of cleaning plan takes place twice a year, professionals follow specific protocols and strict rules to follow procedures and meet office cleaning standards.