Spring clean & green! Only with commercial cleaning company!

Spring always reminds us of how attractive plants can be in interior design. So if you want to add some sunny spring warmth to your interior, look no further than bright and versatile indoor plants. And if you're wondering where to start, just check out some tips from the professionals at Crystal Purity, a commercial cleaning services company, for using plants in your workplace or home design.

Plants for the interior - ask your commercial cleaning company

Plants and flowers add a unique dimension and impact that any workspace can benefit from. That is why, even an old-fashioned nightstand with a bouquet of fresh flowers can give a vintage, memorable look to your interior.

Five O'Clock Tea!

Yes: you can have a dwarf lemon tree in the office. Moreover, you can use lemons during your tea breaks. This is an effortless way to add color, life, and joy to your workspace. You would be surprised, but ornamental lemon trees are one of the simplest indoor plants that require no professional maintenance. Place it in a flower pot and place it in a break room or reception area - it's a great decorating idea!

Choose plants that keep space fresh and healthy

Living with plants is more than just a design decision. Moreover, according to a Texas A&M study, "proximity to plants helps people concentrate better at home and work." Moreover, our friendly green guests help with breathing, help prevent disease, and improve focus, memory, and productivity. And if these "welcome guests" are not yet in your room, then they should be. Here are some tips from the professionals at commercial cleaning companies:

  • Decorate with orchids, succulents, and epiphytic bromeliads. These lovable guests absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making them the perfect companions to keep the calming oxygen flowing.
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  • Befriend a bamboo who won't mind if you leave early and work late. It is easy, just keep it in water and you'll enjoy the soothing green tones of bamboo for years to come.
  • Hang a spider plant in an unused vertical space. Moreover, professional designers advise minimizing the number of flat surfaces in the office - you already have a bust with tables and boards.

Diversify the interior

Cabinets or shelves with well-placed plants help create a sense of playful design. It works even in functional spaces such as a reception area or file cabinet. Just visit your local flower shop or drive to your nearest garden center and collect your plants to create a fun and joyful spring mood - all year round!

If you can’t pick it up on your own, seek professional advice from a grower. Of course, they will be happy to help you freshen up and decorate your home or office!