Are you ready for the office football party? The Super Bowl is almost here! It is the right time to call your commercial party cleaning service team to finish the preparation.

We’re a few yards away from the biggest day in the football season. That is to say, Super Bowl 57. History in the making.

You are ready? On Sunday, it will suddenly be time to drink beer, cook crispy chicken wings and hurry up for an evening of heartbreaking and breathless screams at the TV screen. It means - party starts!

So, whether you're hosting a major office party or just inviting co-workers to watch the game together, we've got some tips for you. In other words, you have to know how to prepare your office party so you can celebrate every touchdown in comfort.


Clean your TV screen - follow instructions from your commercial office cleaning service team

All eyes will be on this bad boy. It means, use a microfiber cloth lightly dampened with a mild vinegar solution and wipe it down to get the clearest view of the game.


Rearrange the furniture

Space is the name of the game. In other words, you have to check: are there any dents in the carpet where you moved the furniture? In other words, here's a tip: let the ice cube melt there overnight, and it will fill in the flattened fibers. However, try to be as careful as you can.


Vacuum your speakers - leave it to your professional commercial office cleaning team

Clean up the dust to get the sharpest sound possible with every cheer, tackle and whistle. For example, gentle vacuuming should help.


Spill-proof your carpets

Laying plastic sheeting is a great solution if you don't mind the look. Otherwise, lay out some cheap rugs to protect the carpet underneath and then just toss them in the wash.


Emergency cleaning kit - ask your commercial office cleaning service team about it

Most importantly, prepare an emergency cleaning kit. It means, you should have around: trash bags, paper towels, dustpan and brush, dishwashing liquid for grease stains, and salt for wine spills. Otherwise, organize all necessary tools and liquids to avoid the long term disaster.

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