Office Deep Clean Steps

Commercial deep cleaning service steps

An office is a respectable room in a building. But with all employees, visitors, and customers coming in and out, bacteria and germs are inevitable. Of course, there are many things you can do to keep your office clean. As an office owner or manager, it is your responsibility to keep your workspaces reasonably clean. But in many cases, it is better to deal with commercial cleaning service professionals, especially when it comes to deep cleaning.

A clean office not only prevents debris and dirt from accumulating inside but also makes the place pleasant to work in. For deep office cleaning, management must develop a proper step-by-step method and maintain workplace hygiene and safety standards. Below, we have laid out a step-by-step procedure that will allow you to keep your office clean from time to time.

Sorting and decluttering commercial cleaning service

Start on a specific side of your workspace and then work your way forward clockwise. Inspect each item, tidy up if possible, and sort what you need into boxes for easy cleanup. Not all the scribbled notes, memos, and papers piled on your desk matter. Therefore, carefully evaluate and sort them.

Look at the important things you have collected. From inspirational quotes to family photos to outdated knick-knacks. Be very selective when it comes to sorting and decluttering. If possible, give this step a reasonable amount of time. Also bring personal items with you into the house, such as extra shoes, clothing, and toiletries. If there is a place to store boxes, do not forget to look into them too.

Dust on surfaces, corners and nooks and crannies

Even if the office cleaning team cleaned your office before everyone arrived, it would be a good idea to remove the dust that has accumulated after cleaning. One of the easiest ways to remove dust is to use an electrostatic disposable cloth.

These rags are safe to use on laptop screens, monitors, chair frames, computers, and various surfaces. Make sure you don't use a paper towel to dust, as it can leave behind fibers and scratch sensitive surfaces.

If you have access to a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, it's best to vacuum the drawers and use an upholstery brush to remove dust from the interior walls as well as furniture upholstery.

Disinfect hot spots using commercial cleaning service

It's time to disinfect and clean important places that are breeding grounds for germs. Surfaces that come into close contact with human touch and food are susceptible to a significant amount of bacteria and germs. Did you know that these areas are among the most common objects you use every day at work? This includes telephones, keyboards, doorknobs, sink faucet handles, and breakroom countertops.

In addition, refrigerator shelves should be thoroughly cleaned every month to get rid of bacteria that come from spoiled foods. Finally, don't skip cleaning and disinfecting the toilet. The importance of deep cleaning is easy to understand from its results.

deep cleaning

Disinfect hard surfaces

It's time to thoroughly clean all hard objects. If it is not untreated wood, the work area can be wiped down with a disinfectant and a tissue. Make sure the surface is completely wet and stays that way for at least 4-5 minutes. Be sure to bring several tissues with you, as one tissue is not enough. Use a second and let the surface air dry. Repetition is required for the inside of the drawers, fittings, and the inside of the tray.

Before cleaning computer peripherals such as keyboards, CPUs, monitors, etc., always read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Keyboards are especially good: you can turn them upside down and give them a good shake. Then, wipe the mouse, headphones, headphones, remote controls, and mouse pads with a quality disinfectant.

Dust and vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner has other functions besides simply removing debris and dirt. Especially if your office has carpet, vacuuming it is a MUST. Make sure you are using the correct vacuum cleaner - it should be a commercial cleaning level of equipment. Remove dust and allergens from carpet fibers. This will improve the air quality in your building on the one hand and improve the health of your visitors and employees.

After vacuuming the entire area, pay special attention to the places under and behind furniture and electronics. Also, do not forget about places with high traffic, such as meeting rooms, doorways, and the place under the table where dirt accumulates.


Even after a thorough cleaning, the office can look untidy. This may be due to the prevailing bad smell, improper dusting and vacuuming, etc. Throwing out spoiled food and emptying trash cans can help. As a bonus, spray air fresheners in. If you can do it yourself - you are a hero! The best and easiest way is to outsource these tasks to commercial cleaning professionals.