Things To Avoid During Office Deep Clean Procedure

What to Avoid During an Office Deep Commercial Cleaning Procedure?

Mistakes in deep commercial cleaning happen often and they can become bugs if not taken care of properly. This can put your employees in danger or end up in strange situations that cause health and safety issues in the workplace. For example, some employees may be uncomfortable with chemicals and cleaning equipment, which in turn will create a negative employee experience.

To prevent these problems, you must first identify them so that you can be very attentive to each one. If you want to learn more about common office cleaning mistakes, check out the list below:

Overuse of chemicals in commercial cleaning

Cleaning solutions may contain various chemicals that are harmful to the human body. Excessive use of chemicals in offices during commercial cleaning can make employees sick because they can inhale these chemicals or accidentally touch them. Some cleaning solutions may contain harsh ingredients that can damage furniture and decor. Try to look for green cleaning services - it will save you from many unnecessary problems.

Using too much water during the commercial cleaning

Using excessive amounts of water while cleaning, especially on carpets or floors, can make surfaces slippery. This can lead to dangerous accidents. In addition, electrical objects dropped into the water can be a serious health hazard. Too much water on metal objects can lead to rust.

Vacuum almost everything - funny mistake of unprofessional commercial cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is not the only tool that we use to clean an office. There are different tools designed for different functions. Please, don't vacuum everything in your office - you will ruin the furniture, décor, and decorations. You have to wipe down the window panes, vacuum the carpet floor, and wipe down the tables with a microfiber cloth.

Spray directly onto furniture and surfaces - the main mistake of the commercial deep cleaning

Spraying disinfectants directly on surfaces and furniture can cause erosion, corrosion, and discoloration. Instead, spray onto a microfiber cloth before cleaning for more effective results.

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Not Disposing Garbage in Commercial Cleaning

This is one of the most common mistakes that offices overlook. If you forget to throw out the garbage, it can attract pests, rodents, pathogens, and insects. This, in turn, leads to diseases transmitted through food and water. Make sure that employees do not litter anywhere, and do not forget to take out the garbage from the office every day.

Cleaning during business hours - the most unprofessional sign of commercial cleaning

While the general commercial cleaning of the office is in progress, make sure that no employee is working or moving from one place to another. This can lead to serious accidents and can also mess up the whole process. The best times for commercial cleaning are weekends or after hours.

Haste in commercial cleaning is prohibited

You have to look after your office with the same care as you are looking after the cleanliness of your house. The reason WHY you have to do this is very obvious - people spend most of their life at work. Rushing through the office cleaning process can leave certain white spots that end up turning into a pile of trash. Make sure office cleaning is done thoroughly and in detail.