Factors Influence The Price Of An Office Deep Cleaning

Office deep cleaning - what factors affect the price?

There is no fixed price for deep commercial cleaning services, especially office deep cleaning. This varies from one service provider to another. However, several factors may influence the cost of general office cleaning. For example, facility size, area restrictions, chemical costs, and facility size determine the cost of deep cleaning services designed for offices.

To be more specific, you will require more deep cleaning equipment and staff for a large office, which means more labor. Also, if the condition of the facility is deplorable and the office is in a very unsanitary condition, it will require more time to clean the entire premises. Also, if you have to clean difficult-to-access or too-small areas that don't allow you to use the necessary equipment, cleaning professionals must use sensible strategies.

On the other hand, better chemicals and cleaners will make the overall cost of a deep cleaning service more expensive. Under these conditions, the resources and procedures of professional commercial deep cleaning services will change, resulting in an increase or decrease in the price.

Office Deep Cleaning

Price for deep cleaning services

Do you want to have a rough understanding of real pricing? Here is a very rough estimate of how much the commercial deep cleaning services may cost.

The average cost of commercial cleaning is $0.15 per sq ft, with average cleaning rates ranging from $0.12 to $0.18 per sq ft. Commercial cleaning prices per hour equal about $75 per hour with average prices ranging from $52 to $110 per hour.

For example, an office cleaning service can cost anywhere from $200–$400 per month for small spaces that require light cleaning. And it can be as high as $2,000+ per month for large spaces that require everyday cleaning service. These ranges depend on the specific cleaning services provided, the type, size, and location. Also very important part of the price is the time of day served and the frequency of the services. You can order cleaning services as an ongoing work or a one-time clean. The price of the regular cleaning may be per hour or a flat fee. These nuances you have to discuss with the cleaning company after a walkthrough of a facility.