Office Deep Cleaning Services - Checklist

If you manage an office, you need to make sure it stays tidy, clean, and organized to increase your overall productivity. As you know, there is a link between a clean, hygienic workplace and employee satisfaction. In other words, this means that when the workplace is clean, employee morale is high and they stay motivated. That is why it is very important to use professional services to do office deep cleaning.

Therefore, it is necessary to schedule a regular general cleaning of the office, involving specialists who are experts in this field. To do this, you'll need a general office cleaning checklist to keep all the important cleaning tasks close at hand. Therefore, it will help you not to lose sight of anything while cleaning. Below are some checklists for general cleaning in various office spaces:

Office desk and cabinets

For your convenience, below are the steps to clean up the space where people sit and work, such as cubicles, tables, and shared desktops:

  • Dust off your keyboard and clean your computer screens
  • Empty trash cans and recycle paper
  • Vacuum the floors under tables and desks
  • Vacuum shelves, cabinets and tables
  • Disinfect surfaces or areas that people frequently touch, such as lamps, keyboards, phones, copiers, and staplersOffice deep cleaning

Kitchens and rest rooms - very important part of the office cleaning services

Although kitchens and common rooms are used frequently, they are breeding grounds for dangerous germs. Please, follow these steps to deep clean these areas:

  • Wash dishes and cutlery and store clean ones separately
  • Throw away unwanted food, food wrappers, expired food, and other perishable foods
  • Empty your trash cans and consider recycling
  • Clean out the refrigerator. It means throwing out old food and sanitizing the inside
  • Deep cleaning of electronic devices
  • Disinfect surfaces where people prepare and eat food

Reception and waiting areas in the office

In case your office has a reception/waiting area that greets guests, you need to make sure it makes a positive first impression. Therefore, follow these cleaning steps:

  • Dust and tidy up your welcome table, hard surfaces, tables, etc.
  • Empty trash cans and trash cans
  • Arrange books and magazines on the bookshelf
  • Wipe down the windows, company logo, and other things that guests will notice first
  • Clean or change the carpet in the waiting area every 2-3 months
  • Fill cups/glasses/bottles with water and, very important thing, make sure the water cooler is clean and has fresh water.

Toilets - another important part of the office cleaning services

Of course, toilets need regular disinfection and cleaning as they are also breeding grounds for germs. Here's how to keep toilets clean, safe, and disinfected:

  • Disinfect and clean toilets and sinks
  • Thoroughly sweep the toilet floor to remove debris, and then wipe the floor with a strong alcohol-based disinfectant
  • Throw away paper towels, clean hard surfaces, and then empty trash cans
  • Replace your old toilet paper rolls with new ones
  • Clean your bathroom mirror with glass cleaner to remove dirt, marks, and stains
  • Make sure hand dryers are working
  • Don't forget to clean the dirt accumulated on the exhaust fans

Zones outside the office

In case your office has an outdoor area, clean it up first. Because the look of your office also helps create a first impression. In this case, follow the instructions below to keep it clean and tidy:

  • Sweep up any branches, leaves, or debris near the front door or sidewalk
  • Clean the welcome mats and put them in the right place
  • Wipe and clean the glass door to make sure it is shiny and free of external debris
  • Remove piles of snow, twigs, and branches to prevent people from parking or walking